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Gibbons Preschool Receives Canada Post Community Grant

Posted by Janet Coutu on August 16, 2015 at 7:25 PM

The Gibbons Preschool Association has received support from Canada Post in the form of a community grant. The funds will go towards the addition of manipulative play items for the children and a much needed stool for the Aide/Volunteer to use while to interacting with the children.

Manipulative play items will positively impact the Preschool in the in the following ways: help to improve eye/hand coordination in the children, strengthen hand muscles, encourage imaginations, potentially attract more families to the preschool and help to identify specific areas that children may need extra attention with.

For the children, this will lead to positivity in: self confidence, attitudes towards learning, pride in skills - which will carry over into home lives for the families, concentration and a strong start/continuation into Kindergarten.

The Preschool is a non-profit, charitable organization. All of the funds are raised by parents. According to volunteer President, Janet Coutu, this grant is extremely beneficial to the Preschool. “Our families work extremely hard every year to keep this Preschool running. Our day to day operation funds come from fundraising dollars and fees paid by families. We continue to grow and because of the wonderful and generous support of companies like Canada Post, we are able to provide the extra classroom items for our children that will positively impact their growth.”

Canada Post commented, “The Foundation is proud to support organizations like (Gibbons Preschool Association) that strive to improve the lives of Canadian children.


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