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December 2015 Newsletter

Posted by Janet Coutu on December 9, 2015 at 9:00 PM

Important Days:

07 Share a snack

14 Santa Hat Day

16 Popcorn and a Movie

18 Christmas Party

Christmas Break is December 21st - January 01st, 2016.  School resumes on January 04, 2016.  

What's Happening:

December is a busy month full of Christmas fun, music, crafts and lots of holiday activities.  Mrs. Barnes is very happy with the progress of letter recognition and sounds.  A Letter a Week has started.  Letter Factory continues.  

Share a snack - the children love to share a snack, but for a number of reasons, we normally do not.  This is a day when each child has the opportunity to bring a small snack to share with each friend.  Each child brings one snack per child in the class.  Please keep the snack small for the reason that each child brings a snack.

Treat and a Movie - A Christmas movie and small snack will be enjoyed by all on the 16th.  If we get some snow, often the Town makes a snow pile outside, which is so much fun to play on.  You will be notified in advance if outdoor gear is required on this day.

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